Office Lady Journal (OL日記 OL nikki: Chigireta aiyoku) films were a series within Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series. Masaru Konuma, director of the last Office Lady Journal film, satirized the series in In the Realm of Sex (1977).[1]

The filmsEdit

  1. [1972-01-18] Office Lady Journal: Scent of Female Cat (dir: Katsuhiko Fujii, starring Rie Nakagawa)
  2. [1972-12-16] Office Lady Journal: Affair of Female Cat (dir: Akira Kato, starring Rie Nakagawa)
  3. [1973-12-05] Office Lady Journal: Poaching (dir: Katsuhiko Fujii, starring Hitomi Kozue)
  4. [1974-02-06] Office Lady Journal: Wet Bundle (dir: Akira Kato, starring Aoi Nakajima)
  5. [1974-03-13] Office Lady Journal: Ruined Lust (dir: Asao Kuwayama, starring Hitomi Kozue)
  6. [1975-09-06] Office Lady Journal: Indecent Relations (dir: Nobuaki Shirai, starring Akemi Nijo)
  7. [1977-02-22] Office Lady Lusty Journal: "Ah, There's Something Inside Me!" (dir: Masaru Konuma, starring Asami Ogawa)


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  1. Weisser, p. 208.

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