Osaka Story
Japanese VHS cover
Directed by Jun Ichikawa
Produced by Tetsuo Satonaka
Written by Isshin Inudou
Music by Tomoyuki Asakawa
Cinematography Tatsuhiko Kobayashi
Editing by Yukio Watanabe
Distributed by Tokyo Theatres
Released March 27, 1999
Running time 119 min.
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Osaka Story (大阪物語 Osaka monogatari) is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Jun Ichikawa.


Fourteen-year-old Wakana's parents are a manzai comedy duo. When the father cheats on the mother and gets his lover pregnant they get divorced but keep the comedy team together for a while. Eventually his alcoholism affects their performances and he vanishes one day. Nobody seems to know where he went so Wakana decides to find him.


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