Queen Bee Honey
Queen bee honey dvd
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Takao Nakano
Produced by Hideaki Nishiyama
Kenji Mochiduki
Written by Takao Nakano
Cinematography Koichi Saito
Distributed by TMC
Released September 22, 2001
Running time 60 min.
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Queen Bee Honey (美巨乳コスプレ戦士 クインビー・ハニー Bikyonyuu kosupure senshi: Kuinbii Hanii, literally Big-Breasted Cosplay Soldier: Queen Bee Honey) is a 2001 Japanese cosplay video released by Total Media Corporation (TMC). It was written and directed by Takao Nakano.


An authority of gene technology named Dr. Tenkajyaya is murdered and a biological weapon capable of spreading poison pollen, codenamed "Blue Rose", is stolen from his laboratory. When it's discovered that an evil mutant named Snake Eyes is responsible for the theft Mitsurugi Hanako decides to take action. She creates a costume for herself and transforms into Queen Bee Honey to stop Snake Eyes and her minions.


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