Revenge of the Pearl Queen
Revenge of the Pearl Queen
Theatrical poster to Revenge of the Pearl Queen
Directed by Toshio Shimura[1]
Produced by Kazuhira Hoshino
Keiji Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Onozawa
Written by Isao Matsumoto
Jun Sagara
Yoshihisa Shimizu
Music by Hachirō Matsui
Cinematography Tatsuo Tomonari
Distributed by Shintōhō
Released July 5, 1956
Running time 89 min.
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Revenge of the Pearl Queen (女真珠王の復讐 Onna shinjū ō no fukushū) is a 1956 film directed by Toshio Shimura. It is significant as containing the first nude scene in a Japanese film, performed by actress Michiko Maeda.[2]




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