Sakugoe poster
Japanese poster
Directed by Ryuichi Honda
Written by Tomohisa Yuge
Music by Nagacho
Released October 20, 2007
Running time 98 min.
Official website

Sakugoe (サクゴエ) is a 2007 Japanese film written by Tomohisa Yuge and directed by Ryuichi Honda.

Plot SummaryEdit

Tired of his lonely life and being hounded by gangsters, a man named Morita decides to commit suicide by jumping off a building. While standing on the ledge gripping a suicide note in his hands a man named Tommy appears and has a strange offer. He wants Morita to climb Mt. Fuji with him. Tommy had promised Mr. Jin, the only person he trusts, that he would climb Mt. Fuji the next day and he intends to go through with it. Morita agrees, and together the two men eventually have to face their sordid pasts.


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