Samurai Fiction
Samurai fiction
US DVD cover
Directed by Hiroyuki Nakano
Produced by Hiroto Kimura
Written by Hiroyuki Nakano
Hiroshi Saito
Music by Tomoyasu Hotei
Cinematography Yujiro Yajima
Editing by Hiroyuki Nakano
Released August 1, 1998
Running time 111 min.
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Samurai Fiction (SF サムライ・フィクション), aka SF: Episode 1 is a 1998 Japanese film directed by Hiroyuki Nakano.


A sword given to feudal lord Kanzen Inukai by the Shogun is stolen by the samurai he put in charge of its protection. His son Heishiro decides to retrieve the sword for fame and restoration of his father's honor, but when Kazamatsuri makes quick work of the two friends that accompanied him, he becomes obsessed with revenge.


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