Directed by Joe Ma
Produced by Junichi Matsushita
Distributed by Art Port
Running time 103 min.
IMDb profile

Sasori (蠍子) is a 2008 Japanese film directed by Joe Ma.

Plot SummaryEdit

Assassins invade the home of a man named Hei Tai but his fiancée Nami is home alone. They tell her that unless she kills her fiance's sister they'll kill her fiance. She goes through with the assassination and is sent to prison for her crime.

While in prison a fellow inmate teaches her to fight and she slowly builds up the skills and strength needed to escape and get her revenge against the assassins. She kills two of the assassins before reuniting with her fiance Hei Tai. More assassins show up and tell Hei Tai how Nami killed his sister, forcing him to decide if he's willing to help her.


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