Sinitta boonyasak last life

Sinitta Boonyasak as Noi in Last Life in the Universe

Sinitta Boonyasak (シニター・ブンヤサック), aka Noon is a Thai actress. She is the older sister of Laila Boonyasak and is best known for her role as Noi in Last Life in the Universe.

Profile Edit

  • Name: Sinitta Boonyasak (シニター・ブンヤサック)
  • Birth date: June 5, 1979
  • Birthplace: Thailand


  • [2003] Last Life in the Universe ... Noi
  • [2006] Bite of Love ... Bee (Mother)


Sinitta's younger sister Laila is very famous in Thailand for her film work and modeling career. Around 2001 Sinitta decided to take an acting/directing course at Prasanmit University in Bangkok. It was there that she learned how to act without over-acting, like she had been doing in her previous 20-odd soap opera roles. She spent some time as a television host and was taking a Thai cooking class when she was approached by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang for the role of Noi in Last Life in the Universe, a role which kept her from quitting the film business altogether.


Bangkok Etcetera interview by Lekha Shankar, 2003 (archived)

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