The Sister Street Fighter (女必殺拳 Onna hissatsu ken) series was a group of four films made by Toei and starring Etsuko Shihomi.


  1. [1974-08-31] Sister Street Fighter (女必殺拳 Onna hissatsu ken) (dir: Kazuhiko Yamaguchi)
  2. [1974-12-07] Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread (女必殺拳 危機一発 Onna hissatsu ken: Kiki ippatsu) (dir: Kazuhiko Yamaguchi)
  3. [1975-08-30] The Return of the Sister Street Fighter (帰ってきた女必殺拳 Kaette kita onna hissatsu ken) (dir: Kazuhiko Yamaguchi)
  4. [1976-05-29] Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist (女必殺五段拳 Onna hissatsu godan ken) (dir: Shigehiro Ozawa)



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