Takanna seifuku: Mucchiri uroi hada
Directed by Yoshikazu Katō[1]
Produced by Yoshikazu Katō
Written by Hideo Jōjō
Music by Ippei Yogo
Cinematography Yūwa Sō
Editing by [[]]
Distributed by OP Eiga
Released August 4, 2010

Takanna seifuku: Mucchiri uroi hada (多感な制服 むっちり潤い肌 Takanna seifuku: Mucchiri uroi hada) is a 2010 Pink film directed by Yoshikazu Katō and starring Aya Inami. It was named Third Best Film of the year at the Pink Taishō ceremony.[2] The working title of the film was Modoribito (もどりびと).[3]




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