The Blue Light
The blue light flyer
Japanese flyer
Directed by Yukio Ninagawa
Produced by Tamotsu Shiina
Written by Novel:
Yusuke Kishi
Yukio Ninagawa
Takuya Miyawaki
Music by Hideki Tougi
Cinematography Osamu Fujiishi
Editing by Akimasa Kawashima
Distributed by Toho
Released March 15, 2003
Running time 116 min.
IMDb profile

The Blue Light (青の炎 Ao no Hono) is a Japanese movie based on a novel by Yusuke Kishi and directed by Yukio Ninagawa.


A 17-year-old boy named Shuuichi plans the murder of an ex-stepfather who won't leave his family alone. However, once he follows through with his plan he has to go to extreme measures to keep from being exposed.


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