The Eel
The eel dvd
US DVD cover
Directed by Shōhei Imamura
Produced by Hiso Ino
Yoshihisa Nakagawa
Yasushi Matsuda
Written by Novel:
Akira Yoshimura
Shohei Imamura
Daisuke Tengan
Motofumi Tomikawa
Music by Shinichiro Ikebe
Cinematography Shigeru Komatsubara
Editing by Hajime Okayasu
Distributed by Shochiku
Released May 24, 1997
Running time 117 min.
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The Eel (うなぎ Unagi) is a 1997 Japanese film based on the Akira Yoshimura novel Yami Ni Hirameku and directed by Shōhei Imamura.


Yamashita is sent to prison for killing his adulterous wife. After 8 years behind bars, during which he was trained as a barber, he returns to a small village and opens a barber shop. He hires a suicidal girl named Keiko who reminds him of his wife, but keeps his distance.


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