The Glory of Team Batista
Team batista no eiko flyer
Japanese flyer
Directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura
Written by Novel:
Takeru Kaido
Hiroshi Saito
Koji Makita
Music by Naoki Sato
Distributed by Toho
Released February 9, 2008
Official website

The Glory of Team Batista (チーム・バチスタの栄光 Team Batista no Eiko) is a 2008 Japanese movie based on a novel by Takeru Kaido.

Plot summaryEdit

When a team of heart surgeons lose a string of patients in a row, foul play is suspected. A hospital therapist (Yuko Takeuchi) initially finds that the deaths were accidents, but when health ministry representative Shiratori (Hiroshi Abe) refuses to accept that conclusion the two become unlikely partners in a deeper investigation.


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