The Last Love Song on This Little Planet
Japanese poster
Directed by Taikan Suga
Written by Manga:
Shin Takahashi
Yukako Shimizu
Cinematography Junichi Fujisawa
Editing by Hirohide Abe
Distributed by Toei
Released October 29, 2005 (Tokyo Intl Film Festival)
January 28, 2006 (Japan)
Running time 120 min.
IMDb profile

The Last Love Song on This Little Planet (最終兵器彼女 THE LAST LOVE SONG ON THIS LITTLE PLANET Saishuu Heiki Kanojo: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet), aka Saikano is a 2005 Japanese film based on a Shin Takahashi manga and directed by Taikan Suga.


"Because I'm in love, I can remain human." 「恋しているから、彼女でいられる。」

Plot SummaryEdit

Shuji and Chise have just started dating after Chise finally admitted her feelings for him. A week into their relationship a war breaks out and hundreds of jets start bombing their town. Shuji sees a small object flying around destroying the jets at incredible speed. When debris from a destroyed jet hits the ground and slides toward him, the small figure zooms down and destroys it. Out of the wreckage Shuji sees his girlfriend Chise with a giant gun attached to her arm. She is a cyborg, enhanced by the military to become the last defense against the enemies of Japan. Now that a war has broken out they expect her to fulfill her destiny and Shuji must decide if he can handle being in a relationship with the ultimate weapon.


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