The Pavillion Salamandre
The pavillion salamandre
Japanese flyer
Directed by Masanori Tominaga
Produced by Masaki Kaifu
Written by Masanori Tominaga
Editing by Yuji Oshige
Distributed by Style Jam
Released September 16, 2006
Running time 98 min.
Official website
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The Pavillion Salamandre (パビリオン山椒魚 Pavillion Sanshouo) is a 2006 Japanese film written and directed by Masanori Tominaga.


The Ninomiya family have been the caretakers of a national celebrity salamander named Kinjiro for a large chunk of his 140-year life. In exchange for this care, the government keeps them financially taken care of. However, when Shiro, the patriarch of the family, spends himself into a large debt, a local Yakuza wants to take over this sweet deal for himself. Shiro's daughter does her best to keep this from happening, but it soon comes out that the salamander they've been taking care of may not be the real Kinjiro after all.


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