The Virgin's Weak Point
The Virgin's Weak Point
Theatrical poster to The Virgin's Weak Point
Directed by Hitoshi Kataoka[1]
Distributed by Ōkura Eiga
Released December 1968
Running time 70 min.
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The Virgin's Weak Point (処女の弱点 Shojo no jakuten) aka Virgin's Weaknesses is a 1968 Pink film directed by Hitoshi Kataoka.[1] Kataoka filmed it for Hikari Eiga in part-color format, and Ōkura Eiga released it in December 1968.[2][3] The Weissers note that the film's story, in which two young men bet on who can bed the first girl in a resort town, has antecedents in Michael Winner's Girl Getters (1966), and Norman Taurog's GI Blues (1960, starring Elvis Presley). They write, "The plot isn't new... but seldom has the subject been handled so irresponsibly."[4]




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