The Youth Killer
The youth killer
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Kazuhiko Hasegawa
Produced by Shōhei Imamura
Kano Otsuka
Written by Novel:
Kenji Nakagami
Tsutomu Tamura
Music by Godiego
Cinematography Tatsuo Suzuki
Editing by Sachiko Yamaji
Distributed by Art Theatre Guild
Released October 23, 1976
Running time 132 min.
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The Youth Killer (青春の殺人者 Seishun no Satsujinsha), aka Young Murderer is a 1976 Japanese movie which marked the debut of director Kazuhiko Hasegawa. It was based on a novel written by Kenji Nakagami.

Plot summaryEdit

One morning Jun Saiki gets in an argument with his disapproving father over his girlfriend. In the heat of the moment he ends up murdering his father. When he decides to turn himself in to the police his mother stops him, coldly suggesting they dispose of the body themselves and act as though nothing had happened. As Jun follows through with her advice she has a change of heart and threatens her son with a knife, setting the stage for a second tragedy.


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