Tokyo Psycho
Tokyo psycho
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Ataru Oikawa
Produced by Shinsuke Yamazaki
Written by Short story:
Yumeaki Hirayama
Ataru Oikawa
Noriko Tanimura
Cinematography Akihito Nishimura
Satoshi Nishimura
Editing by Yasunori Nishi
Distributed by Takeshobo
Released September 11, 2004
Running time 78 min.
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Tokyo Psycho (東京伝説 蠢く街の狂気 Tokyo Densetsu: Ugomeku Machi no Kyoki) is a 2000 Japanese film based on a Yumeaki Hirayama short story and directed by Ataru Oikawa.


One day Yumiko receives a letter which says "I know you were born to marry me!". Also included is her school picture covered in blood - a not-so-subtle warning that a psychotic killer is coming after her.


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