Tokyo Zombie
Tokyo zombie
Japanese poster
Directed by Sakichi Sato
Produced by Yusaku Toyoshima
Haruo Umekawa
Written by Manga:
Yusaku Hanakuma
Sakichi Sato
Music by Hiroshi Futami
Cinematography Isao Ishii
Editing by Yasushi Shimamura
Running time 103 min.
IMDb profile

Tokyo Zombie (東京ゾンビ) is a 2005 Japanese film based on a Yusaku Hanakuma manga and directed by Sakichi Sato.


When two jujutsu-obsessed garage-workers accidentally kill their boss, they decide to bury him in a growing mountain of trash. However, the trash pile has caused a strange chemical reaction that turns dead bodies into marauding zombies.


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