Woman In the Box: Virgin Sacrifice
Woman In the Box - Virgin Sacrifice
Theatrical poster to Woman In the Box: Virgin Sacrifice
Directed by Masaru Konuma[1]
Produced by Hiroshi Hanzawa
Written by Kazuo Komizu
Music by Shigeru Yamakawa
Cinematography Masashi Endō
Editing by Shigeru Okuhara
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released September 7, 1985
Running time 82 min.
Followed by Woman In the Box 2 (1988)
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Woman In the Box: Virgin Sacrifice (箱の中の女 処女いけにえ Hako no naka no onna: Shojo ikenie) is a 1985 Roman Porno film directed by Masaru Konuma and starring Reiko Aoi.[1] Konuma's original script for Woman in the Box was similar in style and theme to his influential Wife to Be Sacrificed (1974), one of the first films in Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series completely in the S&M genre. The studio, losing to competition with the new AV (Adult Video) market, intended to alter Konuma's script, and to present it as a "hardcore" video production to start a new direction for the Roman Porno series. When Konuma threatened to withdraw his title and script, the studio agreed to allow him to film it as originally planned if he first made a "hardcore" version. Woman In the Box: Virgin Sacrifice is the version Konuma filmed to the studio's specifications, while Woman in the Box II follows Konuma's original concept. The second film is considered superior.[2]




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