Yellow Tears
Kiiroi namida
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Isshin Inudou
Produced by Kazuteru Harafuji
Hiroaki Miki
Taro Nagamatsuya
Written by Manga:
Shinji Nagashima
Shinichi Ichikawa
Music by Sakerock
Cinematography Takahiro Tsutai
Editing by Soichi Ueno
Distributed by J Storm
Released April 14, 2007
Running time 128 min.
Official website
IMDb profile

Yellow Tears (黄色い涙 Kiiroi Namida) is a 2007 Japanese film based on a Shinji Nagashima manga and directed by Isshin Inudou. The five members of J-pop band Arashi star as young men living in Tokyo in the summer of 1963 who have decided to spend the next few months focusing completely on their goals until they become successful in their respective crafts.


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