Zatoichi 12: Zatoichi and the Chess Expert
Zatoichi 12
US DVD cover
Directed by Kenji Misumi
Written by Novels:
Kan Shimozawa
Daisuke Itō
Music by Akira Ifukube
Cinematography Chishi Makiura
Distributed by Daiei
Released December 24, 1965
Running time 87 min.
Preceded by Zatoichi 11: Zatoichi and the Doomed Man
Followed by Zatoichi 13: Zatoichi's Vengeance
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Zatoichi 12: Zatoichi and the Chess Expert (座頭市地獄旅 Zatoichi Jigoku tabi) is a 1965 Japanese film based on Kan Shimozawa's novels and directed by Kenji Misumi. It is the twelfth film in the Zatoichi series.


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